How It All began

Owner, Faith Watkins, was just a 14-year- old girl when she fell in love with antiques. Her daddy brought home an old Coke button and that was it! From then on, she bought pieces here and there from a local Granville County antique dealer, but only the good stuff! She had a passion for primitives and all things advertising and still does. After years of collecting she decided that it was her time to shine! She joined a friend who had a store in Wilson, N.C. in 2003 where she sold much of her collection. One day in 2005 she stopped at the Red Barn Trading Post in Youngsville, N.C. where she saw a bunch of treasures outside. Little did she know, there was a man of many talents hanging out inside, Philip Paulsen.

Owner, Philip Paulsen was just a rough and rowdy 4-year- old boy when he started rummaging through the trash on his Grandma's farm. He’d find old enamel pots, broken farm equipment, and once he found an old hand crank ice cream maker. By the time, he was 4 and a half, his room was full of this “junk”. He kept on digging until he decided he would start dumpster diving at 9 years old. At 16 he built his first piece of furniture; an entertainment center. All of which was built out of old Hog Barn wood. After years of building as a hobby, he was introduced to Heart Pine wood in 1988, which created his love to build custom pieces of furniture from reclaimed wood. In 1992 he opened his first business, “The Red Barn Trading Post,” which was located in the heart of Youngsville, N.C.

That’s where the story really begins…. After Faith had spent a year purchasing from Philip, they formed a friendship and they knew that together with their eclectic blends of merchandise, they could build something really special together. In 2006 they joined forces and Faith brought her collection to be set up in The Trading Post. After a couple of years, they decided to close The Red Barn Trading Post and move their collection to Oxford, which was closer to both their homes. In 2008 Remember When was created. The perfect place to reminisce and say,
“I Remember When..”

At Remember When Antiques, we proudly sell a variety of items that everyone in the family is sure to love! No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have just that. From clothing to furniture, to household items and decor, our options are endless!

Faith Watkins - Owner

Philip Paulsen-Owner

Sarah Knight-Manager